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powerful elementor widgets to create beautiful websites

unlimited Designs . super flexible

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Powerful Widgets

Beautiful and feature rich Elementor widgets for your website

HappyAddons will add extra features to your Elementor powered website. These carefully crafted widgets are well designed, massively customizable and fits with any kind of website design.


Frequent updates, fantastic support and new widgets every week

One thing we would like to ensure you that we are here to stay, and that commitment will guaranty you a better support and fantastic updates every week. 

Comes with cohesive elements

The elements of this pack are well structured, consistent and works beautifully with other widgets to create beautiful design together

Smart integration

These widgets are so customizable, you can literally create blocks that can perfectly fit with your existing website designs

Get support whenever you need

We're here to stay for a long time, and we want to do that with full satisfaction from our users. You will always receive professional support.

Comes with a rich set of features

These widgets are flexible and feature rich, allowing you to modify every bit of look-n-feel to help you build a great looking website easily.

Fast growing addons pack

We will continuously update this widgets collection with new features and widgets every week, and it will blow your mind, guaranteed.

Quick presets

Those days are gone when you had to modify every fields to get a cool look. With our powerful preset engine, getting a new look is just a matter seconds.


An ever growing collection of widgets for beautifully design websites

Our years of experience on designs and development helps to bring you an well crafted sets of widgets that brings some elegant look and feel to your websites, and that comes without spending too much time.

Stand Out

Powerful presets* and in-depth customizations brings life to websites

Tired of spending countless hours on customizing widgets to give it a better look? We know how boring and tedious task it is.

HappyAddons brings you a never seen feature before in elementor widgets from other vendors. You can get slick look and feels with just a click using our powerful preset engine, and that is something you are going to love for sure. 

* Coming soon in PRO Version

Trendy Designs

Every widgets in our collection reflects modern design trends. It makes your life super easy to design beautiful websites in no time.

Fully Responsive

These widgets are fully responsive and works beautifully on different devices, so that you don't have to worry about broken designs anymore.

Preset Engine*

Get beautiful new looks for every widgets in a second using our powerful preset engine. No more spending countless boring minutes just to get a cool look.

Fast and slim

No more bloated and stinking code to make your website slower than ever. HappyAddons are carefully coded to keep the site fast and fatless.


Powerful additions to the built-in motion effects section

HappyAddons brings you some powerful features to the built-in motion effects section that helps you to animate and rotate objects on their x axis, y axis, and z axis like never seen before, and brings lovely effects to help your websites stand out from others.

Not convinced yet?

Questions are totally ok and that is exactly what we are here for. 

Feel free to flood us with as many questions as you have and let us help you to make  a great decision.


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